Hello! My name is Vael Gates, and I'm a PhD student in neuroscience. I did a neuroscience undergrad at a liberal arts college with a few classes at a larger tech institution, and a one-year research masters in experimental psychology in England. That about sums up my overwhelming experience and expertise! Regardless, I'm excited about this first venture into website design, and I'll be updating and changing it periodically in the hope that it's useful to undergrads and (eventually) new graduate students in science. All of the information here is based off my own experience and what I've heard for others, so I offer no guarantee that it's accurate!

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions! I love talking to new people (especially interested science students).

Finally, if you have something to add to this website (or want to write an article!) please contact me. I'm hoping this will act as a resource for many people, so I'm looking to include as many perspectives as I can!

Thank you all for reading! Happy science studenting :).

This website was last updated ~Nov 2016.