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Welcome to womenincocosci!

women in computational cognitive science

When I was an undergrad just starting to explore my interest in a science career, I often felt bewildered by the sheer amount of "commonplace" knowledge defining the field of scientific inquiry. I was being taught what to do academically, but how did I write an email to a professor? Where did I get information on possible career paths? How did I choose a supervisor, and I was supposed to be doing what with my summers? This website is a compilation of various things I learned over my undergrad career that I hope will help answer some of these questions for you, should you be similarly bewildered. In addition to general articles about SCIENCE, I'm particularly enthused about computational cognitive science, or COCOSCI, and WOMEN IN SCIENCE, and also enjoy telling and hearing stories FROM THE SCIENTIFIC TRENCHES.

This is a new (and perpetually in construction) website, so I'm always happy to learn about new resources or comments from either people who have finished the process or are still finding their way around being undergraduates in science! I'm also still in process of generating an AMBASSADORS page, where I hope to assemble a group of people who would be happy to be contacted for advice on navigating the twisty path through undergrad.

Please feel free to send me an email and hope you find it useful!