What is the educational pathway?

Posted on June 22, 2016

You’ve finished an undergraduate science degree! What next? There are a few science jobs you can do straight out of undergrad, or with a masters degree. (Consulting, science writing, others? I'm regrettably not well-versed in this but I know they exist). If you want to work in industry or academia, however, you need a PhD.

The Pathway:

Here we diverge. If you want to go into industry at this point, now’s the time! Industry has higher pay and nicer hours than academia. Science writing likes PhDs. I’m sure other careers do as well (I’ve just only looked into a few options). If you do want to continue in academia…


There is a lot of education associated with going into science. In most cases you’ll need your PhD, which is an incredible amount of work. Make sure you want to do it before you start, because you'll need to enjoy the process!