How to host your own website

Posted on July 22, 2016

A lot of scientists have their own websites (e.g. Zeynep Saygin, Steven Pinker, Anne Collins). Mostly, scientists make their websites through their institutions, or on pre-built sites like Wordpress. I took the route of making a website from scratch (i.e., learning html and css) and it took a LONG time. I wouldn't recommend it if you're not interested in it for its own sake. None of the individual parts are too difficult; it's just as fiddly as coding always is :). It can be made a lot quicker if you download a template though, rather than doing everything from scratch!

If you did want to learn some basic web development, here are some webpages I found helpful. My background is someone who has some programming experience but who doesn't know anything about web development.

Best of luck! I find it miraculous that this works at all; there are some fantastic resources out there. Sorry about how Googling's your best friend!